Encinitas Surf Lessons…Is It Worthwhile To Do Just a Few Surf Lessons?

There’s a fairly common concern that some people have before they commit to booking their first surf lesson with EncinitasSurfLessons.com in San Diego - Is it Worthwhile To Do Just a Few Surf Lessons?" I’m sometimes asked if it’s worth it to do a surf lesson if the person has no intention of becoming a [...]

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Maximizing the potential of your first Surf Lesson

Hey there It’s Jason here with Encinitas Surf Lessons! I am so blessed to be able to make my living sharing something I love—surfing—with others. I am passionate about helping and teaching people how to catch their first wave and perhaps overcome their fear of the ocean. What I’d like to share with you in [...]

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Getting Ready For Your First Surf Lesson…

Increase your chances of catching a wave during your first surf lesson. Congrats, aspiring soul surfer! You’ve taken the courageous first--and most important--step in learning how to surf and perhaps conquering your fear of the ocean. So now what? Simply wait with unbridled anticipation for your lesson and show up the day of, chancing it [...]

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