There’s a fairly common concern that some people have before they commit to booking their first surf lesson with in San Diego – Is it Worthwhile To Do Just a Few Surf Lessons?” I’m sometimes asked if it’s worth it to do a surf lesson if the person has no intention of becoming a serious, dedicated, daily surfer.

It’s a fair question to ask. Why spend money getting salty and tired if you live in, say, landlocked Kansas? Sure, it’s very possible that you can fall in love with surfing just after one lesson, deciding right then and there on a whim to move to San Diego!

But many people are tied down by family loyalty or obligations, job, mortgage and other tethering life factors and will never take that dramatic leap of faith of moving to the coast in pursuit of chasing fun waves.

If you’re one of those people who probably won’t become a serious surfer let me say unequivocally that it is absolutely worth it to book a surf lesson! Even if you only take one lesson and never surf again, the possibility of experiencing the mega stoke factor of riding a wave is life-transformative!

Perhaps this sounds melodramatic; even if you catch a wave your first time out, is it really going to affect your life years, months, or even days after your first surf lesson when you’re back at your cubicle, bored out of your mind at work?

Again, the answer is a resounding “absolutely!” You see, the memory of a surf lesson with me will be ingrained in your mind beyond the amazing experience of what it feels like to ride a wave!

There’s also a good chance that when you do a surf lesson, you’ll see a pod of dolphins swim by. You might even be lucky enough to make eye contact. And my friends, that’s certainly a memory you will never forget!

Also, studies have also proven the healing benefits of the negative ions that circulate in salt water; this isn’t just New-Age mumbo jumbo, it’s documented fact! The benefits of connecting with Mother Nature might be hard to quantify in a lab but ask anybody who has taken a surf lesson and they’ll likely tell you that the experience of being in what I think is the most magnificent part of creation- the ocean- is not only inspiring and rejuvenating but also life transforming!

If you’ve never surfed before, there’s a good chance you are may not be super confident in the ocean, and for good reason. You’re defense mechanism is protecting you from the awesome power of the waves, currents, backwash and possible riptides. But after just one surf lesson with us, you will feel much more confident stepping into the ocean.

Our instructors at Encinitas Surf Lessons will teach you how to be more confident in the water, regardless if you never surf again. Hopefully you’ll never have to apply the ocean safety lessons if you’re on vacation in, say, the Caribbean, years after you’ve taken your first surf lesson. But you’ll remember what to do to ensure your safety or your loved ones in just in case.

Besides this I want to stress that taking a surf lesson and accomplishing riding down the line of a wave your first time out will give you supreme confidence that you can apply to other areas in your life. Say you’re in between jobs and having doubts about how good your chances are about landing a new job. You’ve been called in for an interview and are nervous. Can you take a calming, deep breath and feel confident? A surf lesson and being in the ocean with me will teach you how to be confident and breathe more deeply and calmly to rise above any fear that may come up for you at different times and situations in life.

I do lessons all the time with people who thought they could never get out there and up on the board. And guess what happens when they do? They then wonder what else in life they can strive for and aspire to that they never thought possible!

So to sum up, a surf lesson with me can be much more than just surfing! I’m confident that the skills you will learn and experience you will have by doing just one or a few surf lessons you’ll be able to apply to all areas of your life!

And did I mention that even if you take only one surf lesson and never surf again, the memory of riding a wave will be one of your life’s highlights!

But you see my friends, to me surfing ultimately is so much more than standing up on the board and riding waves. It’s a journey symbolic of the journey we take in life and being human and how we can feel confident and empowered in what we do!

I hope you choose to embrace that journey as I have!

Respect and Love the Ocean! Its covers more than 70% of our planet!

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You’ll be stoked you did! 🙂